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Position - Craic Crew - Production & Community

Location: Lowell, MA and surrounding areas

Wages: $15 / hour


The Craic Sauce team is looking for an enthusiastic, ready to learn individual to join the Craic Crew. The two teams consist of the Production Crew (farming & kitchen work) and the Community Crew (farmers markets, festivals, demos and education). 


You will be working under the guidance of Brian, owner and cook at Craic Sauce and working closely with all crew mates. Majority of the work will take place in Lowell, MA and the community crew will travel about 30 miles surrounding Lowell.

Responsibilities of Production Crew

  • Production of Craic Sauce in our commercial kitchen

    • Working in fast paced environment

    • Dicing vegetables

    • Using industrial food processing equipment

    • Bottling hot sauce

    • Sanitizing bottles and washing cooking equipment

    • Being on feet for 4+ hours

    • Coming in every day with a positive attitude and some music suggestions

  • Harvesting and Processing of local grown peppers and produce

    • Assisting with transplanting and weeding in the early season

    • Assisting with the picking and harvesting of peppers

    • Washing, de-stemming and chopping peppers to prepare for production

    • Following food safety regulations and record keeping


Responsibilities of Community Crew

  • Providing overview of our different sauces

  • Provide samples to consumers following all food safety regulations

  • Setting up tent, table, and display by self

  • Providing consultative recommendations to customers

  • Educating customers about flavors and health benefits of our ingredients

  • Being able to answer questions from customers about our operation, hot sauce

  • Break down of tent set up and maintaining records.

  • Occasionally dropping off Craic Sauce at existing retail locations.

  • Shadowing Brian in hot sauce classes and potential leading them in future

Other Specialty Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Operations Lead

    • Assist Craic Sauce in maintaining and reporting on operations​

    • Creating and executing on playbooks in all parts of the business

  • Brand and Content Lead (Video & Photography)

    • Ideating, planning and executing video and photography projects​

    • Managing timelines and parties in execution of projects

    • Bring a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit to projects

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