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(/kræk/ KRAK)

An Irish word for fun and good times 

What's the Craic?


Started with sparks of curiosity and community, Craic Sauce has a commitment to creating local sourced hot sauces with balance, depth and lots of fresh flavor. Craic Sauce founder Brian Ruhlmann discovered his passion for craft hot sauce after experimenting with his first batch using pumpkin, habaneros and golden ghost peppers grown in his Massachusetts garden. In 2014, after moving to Ireland, Brian started the website, and interviewed inspirational hot sauce makers from around world for his podcast and blog. Three years later in 2017, following his move back to the US, Brian took his obsession to the next level and began producing Craic Sauce, a collection of flavorful and unique hot sauces. Craic (pronounced “crack”) is an Irish word that means good times and fun. Having good craic was the guiding light of his new business, a value that is still essential to Brian and his crew today, who make their small batch hot sauces by hand in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Press & Articles


Boston City Paper - Lowell sauce company focuses on community, culture and having the "craic"

The name of our brand holds a lot of weight, not only on its Irish connection, but our values as well.

Written by Alana Loftus.

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Boston Globe - These Hot Sauces Don't Aim to Torture You

Craic Sauce, sources peppers from local growers for hot sauces that don't aim to torture you. Written by Ann Trieger Kurland.


Edible Boston - Bringing the Heat

Founder of Craic Sauce, Brian Ruhlmann is interviewed sharing more about the Boston area spice and hot sauce scene. Photo credit: Photo by Adam DeTour / Styled by Catrine Kelty


The Lowell Sun - Created in Lowell, Craic Sauce is getting hot

Craic Sauce was featured on the front page of the Lowell Sun on St. Patrick's Day 2021.


Brian Ambs - I've Never Tasted Anything Like This Pumpkin Hot Sauce Before

Renowned hot sauce reviewer and pro skateboarder Brian Ambs ate spoonfuls of Craic Sauce and shared his thoughts with his 150,000+ subscribers.

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