Authentic Craft Made
Hot Sauce 

Inspired in Ireland and made in Lowell, Mass

Our Sauces

Handcrafted by the Craic Crew in Lowell, Mass and made with local sourced all-natural ingredients for ultimate flavor


Small Batch, Big Flavor

From sourcing local ingredients to a long age fermentation process, we pride ourselves on taking the longer road in creating unique, nutritious and flavorful hot sauces.

What our Customers Are Saying

I had no idea what we were missing in our food prep and planning until we were introduced to Craic sauce. The 4 products coverall our needs from eggs in the morning to our dips and dinner food. The quality and unique flavors enhance everything we serve....just try it, you will not be sorry.


Three of my favorite hot sauces in one box. Each one is very unique in flavor, and there's a ton of variety between these three bottles. I personally like the Mill City Red the most, but my better half (who doesn't have quite my heat tolerance) loves the Golden Pumpkin above all other hot sauces.


Wow! I've tasted quite a few hot sauces in my 66 years. When I first tastsed the Craic Sauce, it was an explosion of flavor in my mouth. And that's what makes it different. You can taste it, it has a taste. When you read the ingredients, you can actually taste them. No reason for me to go back to another sauce. I'm all in!


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Elevate your food with Craic Sauce

Check out some of our favorite uses to see how Craic Sauce can take your culinary game to the next level!


Our Story

From the home garden, to Ireland, and now Lowell, we're about creating delicious unique hot sauces with a commitment to community, quality and of course, good craic.

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