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Craic Crew - Sales Intern

Job: Craic Crew - Sales Intern

Internship term: mid/end May - mid/end of August

Location: Lowell and surrounding areas

Wages: $16 / hour + commission

Hours - 20 - 30 hours / week


To apply: Please send an introductory email with a resume to Brian at Applications will close in early March with decisions being made at the end of March.




As a Craic Sauce sales intern at our Lowell-based hot sauce company, you'll gain hands-on experience in hot sauce production, sales, and community engagement. This unique internship provides an opportunity to contribute significantly to a small, profitable, and growing business, and we hope to build a long list of experiences to help you in future endeavors.


With a specialized focus in sales, you'll collaborate with the Sales Manager and CEO, contributing to market research, customer expansion, and utilizing CRM tools. The role encourages collaboration with leadership, involvement in special projects, and a commitment to continuous learning and development.


Your responsibilities will span across weekly farmers market management, where you'll oversee booth setup, engage with customers, and showcase our hot sauce products. Additionally, you'll actively participate in cooking sessions to understand the culinary aspects of hot sauce production and engage in farming operations, including picking peppers and tomatoes. 




Weekly Farmers Market Management:

  • Take charge of managing a weekly farmers market, overseeing booth setup, product display, and customer interactions.

  • Engage with customers and take them through samples of our hot sauce products, answer inquiries, and build positive relationships.


Business Development

  • Work closely with the Sales Manager and CEO to develop and implement sales strategies.

  • Engage in market research, identifying potential accounts, and contributing to the expansion of our customer base.

  • Utilize CRM tools, such as HubSpot and Quickbooks, to manage customer interactions, track leads, and analyze sales data.


Cooks and Farming Operations:

  • Participate in weekly hot sauce cooks at our commercial kitchen in Lowell with the Craic Crew to understand the culinary aspects behind hot sauce production.

  • Gain insights into farming operations, including wedding, picking peppers and tomatoes, and the cultivation of ingredients used in our hot sauces.



  • Interest in food, community and/or hot sauce.

  • Being a good listener, ability to project voice, being engaging and polite.

  • Openness to learn and to receive and provide feedback

  • A desire to work with teams and engage with people in the community

  • Applicants must have a valid driver’s license to be considered for the position. (Driving to farmers markets is another requirement.)

  • Being able to learn quickly and follow all food and safety guidelines

  • Must be able to lift 30-50 lbs repeatedly and easily, and work physically for 4 + hours




Bring that Craic energy - Good craic is the reason for starting this. We encourage you and the people we interact with to be present and kind, and bring a positive attitude and energy. 


Coachability -  Interns should be open to receiving constructive criticism, actively seek opportunities for improvement, and demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning.


Team Collaboration: Sales is a team effort, so the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues in sales, marketing, and other departments is crucial.


Initiative- Interns should demonstrate a strong work ethic, actively engage in their responsibilities, and go above and beyond to contribute to the success of the team and company.


Strong Verbal & Written Communication: Clear and effective communication is crucial for interacting with potential customers, understanding their needs, and conveying information about our products. You don’t need to be an extravert, but you do need to speak up and be proactive.

To apply: Please send an introductory email with a resume to Brian at Applications will close in early March with decisions being made at the end of March.

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